Lillian E. / Author

The island is at war.

Travel back to the 1800s and follow a girl named Hopeful on her adventure to A Thousand Stars. Meet a boy named Jimmy trying to escape his troubled past and discover his worth. All amidst an island at war in a kingdom divided.

Meet Hopeful and Jimmy - two strangers in a kingdom at war.

They would never have chosen this life. 

One an orphan.

The other not knowing where her parents were or why they had left her alone.

But destiny had not yet chosen their fate – and the land of A Thousand Stars was yet to be discovered.

Until one day everything changed.

Praises for A Thousand Stars

"The best adventure book I have read... ever!"

Jude / Age 10

Meet Lillian E.

My hope is that readers will find themselves in the pages of the book - or at least the inspiration to become what they were destined to be.

- Lillian E