Readers of authors such as C.S. Lewis, classical literature, and E. Nesbit will find A Thousand Stars a wonderful read for family and individuals. It weaves the stories of Jimmy and Hopeful together in an exciting and touching way. Lillian E. excels at foreshadowing, developing her characters, and taking from classical literature. A Thousand Stars is a worthy book equal to Lewis’ Narnia books and Nesbit’s The Magic City.

Noah Lynch

Author of Squire of Valana and The Silver Hand.

This story is, without doubt, a special one. I was immediately swept up in the whimsical wonder of the world that Lillian E. has crafted. Every character – from Hopeful and Jimmy to Tearomay and Arkin – are vividly imagined. I felt like I knew each of them and was experiencing their victories and losses right alongside them. But this is not just a well-written book; this is a powerful story that sweeps readers away to the land of A Thousand Stars, reminding them with every step of the journey that nothing is ever truly lost as long as you have hope. A Thousand Stars is a beautiful debut Christian fantasy novel that you will not want to miss.

Alexandria Miracola


Our family was instantly drawn into the story of A Thousand Stars and our kids didn’t want to ever stop reading. Lillian’s writing style is engaging, fun, and creative. Each chapter fills in more of the mystery that is unfolding in Hopeful’s journey, and it is woven together in a beautiful and exciting way. The novel portrays the battle between good and evil, the value of family, and godly character traits such as love, loyalty, and honor. We highly recommend this book!

Jake Kale

Author and Speaker

This book had my imagination and my heart from the first chapters… and it was so rich with thoughtful character development, subtle foreshadowing, surprising twists and unmistakable messages for the soul.
Lillian E is a rising talent who is clearly investing her God given talents with care and diligence.
Christian families and allegory lovers won’t be able to put this down!
Only question I have is: who is going to make the movie?! I can already see some climactic scenes playing out on a big screen.

A Thousand Stars deserves a thousand thumbs up!

Justin Rule

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